Limo 4Sale

In 4Sale Bikes on March 15, 2010 at 3:38 am

Cat : Kuning Blinken
Spesifikasi : Triple Three Fork GORDO ZOOM, 26′ Frame, Jari2 Rapet
Harga 2.2jt

Cat : Super Deep Black Spies + Red Ferarri + Vernis Spies HS
Spesifikasi : 26′ Frame, Jok Onthel, Jari2 Rapet, Springer JY, Setang APE
Harga 2.2jt

Cat : Hitam Metallic Vernis MS Spies
Spesifikasi : 26′ Frame, Jari2 Rapet, Triple Three Fork GORDO Zoom,Ducktail
Harga : 2.5jt

Cat : Hitam Dop Yamaha Red Rims
Spesifikasi : 26′ Frame, Springer Impor JY, Velk Jari2 Biasa (36), Jok Onthel
Harga 2jt

Spesifikasi : 26′ Frame, Jari2 Rapetm Ducktail
Harga : 2.5jt

ITO – 02192850254


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